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5 star health rating 

We’re using the new Health Star Rating system to highlight the healthiest products store wide. Look for shelf tags throughout the store highlighting all 4.5
and 5 star rated products

Staff training

Staff in participating stores have been trained to help you Eat Well @ IGA

look in your Letter box

Look in your letter box for flyers about Eat Well @ IGA

trolley signs

Look out for our signs on all shopping trolleys and baskets, developed exclusively for Eat Well @ IGA by dieticians and researchers. With tips to eat healthy and designs based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, these messages come with you while you shop


Eat Well @IGA shelf signs (“wobblers”) throughout the store give you healthy ideas and suggest healthy options

see Healthy reminders

Look out for floor signs, posters, aisle fins and more to remind you about the program and to eat healthy

With supermarkets accounting for the majority of food spending in Australia, marketing techniques in the supermarket environment have the potential to improve the healthiness of consumer food purchases at a population level.

However, to date, there is limited evidence of the real world feasibility and impact of interventions designed to create supermarket environments that encourage healthy food purchases.

A partnership between IGA, The City of Greater Bendigo, Deakin University and VicHealth was formed to test a range of low-cost, scalable changes to supermarket store environments aimed to increase healthy purchasing.

Eat Well @ IGA is a world first, award-winning program to encourage healthy eating by using innovative nudges throughout the supermarket.

The project is a partnership between IGA, The City of Greater Bendigo, Deakin University and VicHealth.

Following pilot testing of a number of low-cost and simple interventions over the past two years, we are now running a scientific trial (randomised controlled trial)  to test whether these simple nudges lead to healthier purchasing.
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Supermarkets Involved

Stores involved in the trial include:
Keep a look out for more stores which will be involved from 2018…